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Double Chance Betting Tips

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When you’re looking to beat the bookmaker edge and score a win, one of the best markets you can turn to achieve these aims is the Double Chance betting niche. It helps you bet with a measure of confidence that you’ll turn a profit.

  • What exactly is Double Chance betting?
  • What are the best practices for using this market?
  • What are the potential drawbacks of using this particular betting market?

Double Chance betting improves on the conventional betting that classic Football offers. With traditional Football betting, we all know you can only choose from a Win, a Loss, or a Draw. One option is all you get. However, in the Double Chance betting market, you have the opportunity to pick two possible outcomes. As such, you could go for Home Team Win or Draw Home Team Win or Away Team Win, or Away Team Win or Draw!

From this alone, you can see that your chance of winning this bet has improved significantly. However, the tradeoff here is that these multiple odds translate to less risk, and by extension, less reward. So while your hit rate might start to look good, you most likely won’t be earning anything substantial. To get anything tangible from Double Chance betting, your only real option is always to wager on Away Team Win or Draw. But that being said, if you’re focused on the big picture, this is a great strategy as it offers significant recompense over time.

Another perk of this betting market is that it works seamlessly with accumulators, helping you cover your risks and win more. The best tips for winning big with Double Chance betting include:

  • Betting on the Underdogs to win the game, and
  • Incorporating Asian Handicap betting into your Double Chance betting. These systems complement themselves well and can do much to increase your profit margin.

Ultimately, whether you choose to employ this strategy is dependent on your personal preference, but all things considered, it certainly isn’t a bad way to go.

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