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When sports bettors place wagers, the ultimate aim is to turn a profit. But as even new bettors quickly come to realize, things are never so straightforward. When you’ve grounded yourself well in the world of sports betting, using accumulators to increase what you stand to win is the next logical step to take. One such is the Draw No Bet Accumulator. Before you even consider making use of this resource, it’s essential to ask yourself critical questions like:

  • Do I understand this tool completely?
  • What exactly do I stand to benefit from using it?
  • Are there any suitable alternatives I can try out if Draw No Bet is not for me?

Every bettor knows that a football game can only end in one of three ways; a win, a loss, or a draw. Not accounting for the prominent influence of odds, there’s a 1/3 chance of any of these being the outcome of a sports event. However, most bettors tend to focus on the win or lose outcome while neglecting to fully account for the eventuality of a draw. When dealing with the multiple selections that a market like Mix Parlay offer, this isn’t an oversight you can afford to make, if you don’t want to lose it all.

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Using a Draw No Bet feature with your accumulator ensures that you at least have a fail-safe if a game unexpectedly ends in a draw. Without a measure like Draw No Bet in place, if just one match in your selection ends in a tie, you lose everything you’ve worked so hard for instantly. However, once Draw No Bet is in place, your bookmaker will simply void that bet. However, in return, the total profit you stood to make before will shrink, depending on the odds of riding on that particular game. This may be bad, but some bettors prefer little over nothing. In many ways, Draw No Bet is a prudent measure to have in effect if you feel the need to prepare so strongly for a draw. However, because of how it affects the profits of a wager, many punters prefer to forgo it or use Asian Handicap as a replacement. Asian Handicap won’t affect your odds but the tradeoff is that it is pretty riskier and prone to backfiring.

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