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2022 Proven Blackjack Betting Strategies

2022 Proven Blackjack Betting Strategies Blog Featured Image2022 Proven Blackjack Betting Strategies Blog

Thanks to strategies like card-counting in the early days, bettors reduced the house edge in blackjack to almost zero. However, this dominance would prove short-lived as casinos promptly changed the playing field by introducing decks with more cards and resources like random number generators (RNG). In response to this, specific strategies bettors can employ to level the playing field have been devised and extensively fine-tuned over the years. Here are the most popular ones.

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Blackjack Flat Betting

This betting strategy is so simple that many bettors argue if it can even be considered a betting system. This strategy has just one requirement; that you remain in the game by consistently placing wagers of the same size without fail. As should be abundantly clear, this betting strategy won’t make you rich. However, if you want to play for longer, it doesn’t place ridiculous demands on your bankroll works in your favor.

Pros And Cons Of The System

The two significant benefits of using flat betting in blackjack are that the strategy is simple and safeguards your bankroll extensively. The major drawback of employing it is that you won’t make much from using it.

Reversed Martingale System

Also dubbed the parole, this strategy is another relatively simple betting strategy blackjack enthusiasts can enjoy. It requires that you double down on your wager after each win. You’re to carry on this trend for three consecutive wins, after which you reset to your original wager size, even if you’re still winning. You also have to reset your original bet value if you suffer a loss after one or two wins. The nature of the parole helps you capitalize on a winning streak while ensuring the safety of your bankroll (within reason) at the same time.

Pros And Cons Of The System

The significant advantages of this betting system are that it’s simple to adopt and isn’t as aggressive as many other strategies. It puts your bankroll at less risk and ensures you stay in the game for longer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help you influence the house edge.

D’Alembert System

A betting strategy perfect for beginners, its single requirement is that bettors increase their wager by a single unit after a loss. To use this strategy correctly, you need to determine what your unit size will be first. Once that’s done, you can hit the tables and make tons of profit.

Pros And Cons Of The System

One strong selling point of this tactic is its simplicity since the only thing you need to do here is remember your initial bet and then act as appropriate. What’s more, the increments it requires you to make are more moderate. However, it takes longer to recover any losses you might’ve incurred with this System.


These strategies get the best results when personalizing them to your betting style and preference.

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