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2022 Proven Sic Bo Betting Strategies

2022 Proven Sic Bo Betting Strategies blog featured image2022 Proven Sic Bo Betting Strategies blog

Sic bo is, without a doubt, a truly fantastic game. Many call it the true gamblers game because, for the most part, luck does play a prominent role in whether or not you walk away from a winner here. Again, for emphasis, sic bo is not one of those casino games where skill or any given strategy is enough to help you win. It is predominantly dependent on chance. That being said, there are a few simple methods you can employ to ensure that you’re perfectly positioned to capitalize on a win and reduce the effects of a potential loss. We’ll categorize these based on your level of expertise in sic bo.

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Best Sic Bo Strategy For Beginners

If you’ve played this game for any appreciable length of time, you’ll likely have noticed just how convoluted it can get at times. As a beginner, this doesn’t work in your favor at all. It works against you. In the interest of ensuring you win – or at least don’t lose too much – the best strategy to apply is to keep things simple. So, take low-risk bets that carry the minor house edge. Keep in mind that the slightest house edge in this game is 2.78%. You may not record staggering wins with this method of approach, but it’ll ensure your bankroll doesn’t get completely wiped out in one fell swoop, either.

Best Sic Bo Strategy For Mid-Level Players

Players who know their way around sic bo have the latitude of putting more chips in play and implementing a few tricks. Keep in mind; the risks are significantly more significant here; however, so are the rewards. You can place yourself in a unique position where you get four excellent chances of winning from the dice roll! It can be achieved by double betting on the following options; I, 5, 6. Then, bet on a single 9. Moving forward, you should know that you’ll almost certainly lose one of these wagers. However, your chances of winning the other three are much higher. Alternatively, you can choose to double bet on 1, 2, and 6 and then single bet on 12. It has the same level of risk as the first lineup.

Best Sic Bo Strategy For Experienced Players

Players at this level have the luxury of throwing more fish in the pan to fry at once. While the house edge on this method skyrockets like crazy, what you stand to win here is almost more than what you’d get with the two previous ways combined! Here, for the most part, what you’ll be doing is betting on double and triple numbers. The first bet you place should be on 8 (as a three-unit bet). It is followed by two of three doubles spanning 1, 2, and 3 (a two-unit chance). What it all sums up is 9-to-1 odds!

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