Indian Super League 2019-20 Season

Indian Super League 2019-20 Season Blog Featured ImageIndian Super League 2019-20 Season Blog

Like many other things, the 2019 Indian Super League (ISL) season is concluded and well in the past now. But for those who had the opportunity to watch the rollercoaster ride this particular Indian Super League season turned out to be, they know without a doubt that it is one for the history books. They made good and bad records, many star teams underperformed, to put it mildly, while some underdogs rose to the challenge of the tournament in the ideal ways. After six months of the fierce tussle between ten sides that finally culminated in a face-off at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Goa, let’s briefly stroll down memory lane and see how some teams in the league performed throughout the matches.

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ATK FC 2019 Indian Super League Season

Very few people saw the fact that ATK FC would make history. In fairness, they didn’t make it easy for anyone to predict how they would perform that season, especially after losing their first game so woefully to the Kerala Blasters. However, in retrospect, some would argue that the true potential of the football club was bound to come out in the expert hands of a coach like Antonio Lopez Habas, a man who has led them to victory once before. In the end, ATK was the truly deserving winner of the 2019 Indian Super League season and is the first and only team to win this prestigious title three times.

Chennaiyin FC 2019 ISL Performance

Another team that had a rocky start to the season but went on to dazzle spectators all over the country was Chennaiyin FC. Like ATK, they were also two-time winners of this tournament and were looking to claim it for the third time in 2019. However, this was not to be as ATK FC stopped Coyle’s men short and claimed the glory and title for themselves. Even with that, no one will argue that Chennaiyin FC put in all they had that season and fought hard for all they got.

FC Goa 2019 ISL Performance

By and large, many pundits opine that FC Goa just got unlucky this time around. At the start of the season, the staggering level of inconsistency they showed with their style of play was unusual for the professional football team. While some would argue that the sudden departure of one of the pillars of the club, head coach Sergio Lobera was responsible for this, many more contests that the team displayed wasn’t affected by that. Regardless, FC Goa put itself in order and bag the team’s record with the highest number of goals ever in the season with 51 goals spread across only 20 matches.

Bengaluru FC 2019 ISL Performance

If there was one team that fans were counting on for a fun time in the 2019 Indian Super League season, it was Bengaluru FC. That is one reason why it was so sad to see the way they struggled throughout the tournament. From all accounts, the loss of Miku early on in the season was just too tough to bear. What made matters worse was that skipper Sunil Chhetri was unable to cover that slack. So while the team was solid defensively, their attack power was minimal, ultimately leading to our witnessed underwhelming performance.

The new season promises to bring with it an abundance of thrills. Be sure to stick with us for more updates on how it progresses!