Joao Felix In UEFA Euro 2020

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The UEFA Euro 2020 have always been fertile ground for players with the skill and tenacity to break into household name status. In 2004, Wayne Rooney used this platform to enter the public scene, and we all know how far he has come since then. At the tender age of 21, one upcoming player looking to replicate (if not wholly exceed) this performance is the Portuguese sensation, Joao Felix. While not everyone in the world may know that name right now, this is one individual who has begun to dominate the field in a way that few others before him have.

In retrospect, this is hardly surprising, especially when you remember that he hails from the same country as Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the undisputed greatest players of all time. Furthermore, let’s not forget that revolutionary talents like Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva share the same homeland as this player. With such an exciting resource to call upon, the chances of Portugal finishing the UEFA Euro 2020 games better than they ever have has never looked brighter.


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Joao Felix Club Performance

Joao Felix effectively started his boyhood career in Benfica and never missed an opportunity to dazzle and astound on the pitch. As a player learning to master his craft and tap into his vast potential at such a young age, he proved instrumental in helping the club claim the Primeira Liga back in the summer of the 2019 season. It was one reason why his transfer fee was set at a very steep €126 million, which Atletico de Madrid was more than happy to meet in 2019. Not only is this price quite staggering, but it also holds the record for being one of the most expensive transfer fees of all time!

Another reason that they were more than willing to shell out this amount of money for the talented player was because they saw the influence his contributions had in helping his home country, Portugal, win the UEFA Nations League on their home ground. Particularly worth mentioning here is that he has an outstanding display over Switzerland in the semi-final. In addition to the sterling show of skillful sportsmanship he put out there, he went on to score three more times for his country in multiple matches, both at home and on away ground.

Joao Felix Presence In Atletico De Madrid

Even though Diego Simeone’s side won the La Liga this season, Joao’s role in ensuring this victory wasn’t as prominent as many expected. Of the 76 performances he recorded for Los Colchoneros, he could only find the net 19 times. So, while he put in his quota, no doubt considering his skills and proficiencies, he could have quickly produced much better results.

What Does This Mean For Joao Felix UEFA Euro 2020 Campaign?

Looking at how star-studded the Portugal lineup is and the fact that Joao Felix didn’t put in an exemplary performance at the club level, Coach Fernando Santos might be hard-pressed to give this rising talent much field time. Consequently, there is a likelihood that the 21-year old might get lost in the shuffle. But given the opportunity, he shows the potential to climb out of the long shadow that legendary players like Ronaldo have cast on football in Portugal.

What will his fate be? Stay updated on our posts to find out!